Welcome to Wig Talk with Lori and Diana

Hi, I’m Lori, and I pretty much write most of the reviews with input from Diana.  We’ve been friends for something like 27 years.  Anyway, Diana helps me out a lot with the wig pictures and the reviews, mostly because we love wigging and we love doing it together, but also because she has more wigs than I do.  She also has a lot of styling and wig tips–she did the tutorials on how to cut bangs and how to thin a wig–and hopefully more tips will be coming soon!  Diana likes to style, trim and fix wigs and I think she’s very talented–you’ll notice, when we both have the same wig, hers always looks way better than mine.  I like to buy a wig and wear the wig, period, with minimal styling and maintenance.

Diana’s husband is the great photographer with the good camera–thanks Marc for all the great pics!  I take my own pictures with my Blackberry Bold…in the mirror…so they’re not as good.

Please click the menu items on the right to navigate around this site. 

Thanks for visiting!  

~~Lori and Diana

21 thoughts on “Welcome to Wig Talk with Lori and Diana

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to let your readers know about the Wigmate Dry & Style multiple wig hanger.
    It discreetly stores multiple wigs on an over door hanger and helps maintain the body, style and integrity of your wigs! It also comes with a shower base for no mess drip drying. It saves space and keeps your wigs discreet!
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  2. Carissa says:

    I also found this a very helpful blog! If only there were more current entries!!! I’ve had AA since I was 3 so finding a wig that has full coverage that doesn’t look “too fake” is a challenge. And also – I have to continually buy more, so longevity is a factor. I too, have noticed Raquel Welch wigs being dry and scratchy. But I continue to buy them because it’s too expensive to “experiment” buying with another brand. But, after reading this blog, I might be more interested in Jon Renau. It seems his wigs get good reviews.

  3. B.K. says:

    Hi! I bought 2 sepia wigs. They both are real thin. How can I find out if a wig ia made by them if it is not noted in information. Thank you for your help…

  4. Hi!
    We have a revolutionary new product for drying and storing a wig.
    I would like to know if you would be interested in reviewing the product on your blog.
    I can also be reached at 888.339.6125

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  5. bbonbi says:

    I’m looking for reviews of mid-length and shorter wigs. Might you have a blog to recommend – since that’s not what you are really into? Lovely work here and great info but unfortunately not relevant for my needs. thanks!

  6. Joanne Frances Cox says:

    I love the camera ready wig however on other sites all the curl appears to be brushed out!!! On this site it looks beautiful.
    I want this wig, but am worried all the curl will be gone when purchased.

    Many thanks, Joanne Frances Cox

  7. Elizabeth Auclair says:

    Ladies – thank you for your wonderful site. I started losing my hair since being flung into menopause and I have to admit that I was embarrassed and ashamed to even contemplate the idea of entering a wig shop. Your site is helpful and honest and true to life and for that I am so grateful.
    Hot flashes and thinning hair has made me feel so unattractive …. When I finally mustered up the courage to purchase a few wigs online , your straightforward advice and assistance were amazing .
    You two rock !
    – Elizabeth, Toronto, ON

  8. Tanesha says:

    Great information! Can’t wait to read more. My specialty is wig storage, but I am learning more about wig care.

  9. Lori says:

    Thank you for you site and it has helped this 50ish girl out a lot!
    Please keep on posting because there are always newcomers such as myself and we really on ladies such as yourselves to instruct and motivate us. I live in an area where there is only one wig boutique and she just bought the shop-big mistake, she’s doesn’t know the business!
    So I am going to be doing my shopping online.
    Thanks again, ladies, you are amazing!
    P.S. I am going to purchase a Carrie by Noriko, color: Mochaccino thanks to your helpful photos. *Little nervous that it may be too light…

  10. Bev Helbig says:

    I had one mono top wig, an amore. It looked so beautiful but it was sooooooooo hot. Are all mono top wigs hot? Also, I love Raquel but she does tend to be hot and itchy. I will check out Carrie. Thanks!

    • Keyonna says:

      WOW! I love your blog soooo much. OK, YES I love anything to do with HAIR and most of all WIGS. A wig can just make you feel so good. You can change your look and who you are just like that. IT”S GREAT. The best thing about a wig is that it is a Confident BOOSTER. Wigs help so many people to just live there “normal lives”. I love it! KEEP LOVING AND PROMOTING WIGS.

    • Robin says:

      I was wondering if wig caps relaxed over time. I tried one on at a store, it felt too small, then couple weeks later, I tried the same one on, and it felt fine….? I’m confused

  11. Bev Helbig says:

    I am a little older than you girls and I usually wear short to medium length wigs. I have found long wigs to be much hotter, easily tangle, and the ends frizz before their time. When you are menopausal a long, hot,wig at work is simply not feasible. Please note the coolness (temp) of the styles in your reviews as this helps some us to determine whether or not to purchase. Love this site and appreciate any and all info concerning wigs as I wear them daily.

    • Hi Bev, I’m not so sure you’re that much older than us, we have hot flashes too! Although at this point, I feel compelled to clarify that Diana is six years younger than me and hers started in her thirty’s because of a health issue.😉 We have mentioned that the Ethnic (and Forever Young) wigs have different fiber that is hotter and heavier on my neck that the European wigs. If heat/heaviness is an issue we certainly will mention it in the review. In general, we’ve also noticed that Amore wigs have a lot of hair, so unless your bio hair was really full and thick you probably won’t be comfortable in one of these wigs. Raquel has a lot of wigs with very coarse hair fiber, although some of her new wigs are not like that, like Camera Ready.

      Regarding the frizzy ends and tangles, I find that it’s worse if you cut the length of the wig, bangs are usually not affected by trimming, but you do cut off any slight curl/wave the bangs may have at the ends. Noriko wigs have a special coating that makes the hair fiber feel really smooth, tangles less, and tangles come out easier. This coating does eventually come off, so I try not to wash it as much and I use Hair U Wear Curl Up Spray (after washing, drying & styling) to keep it curled. Although, I’m having a problem finding and getting Curl Up Spray, I think it may be discontinued😦 Here’s my fav–Carrie by Noriko.

      Thanks for visiting, glad we can be of help.

      ~~Lori (and Diana)

  12. Truly wonderful blog, keep up the good work.

  13. Simone says:

    The Vivica Fox wig line is a rip off. The hair is expensive and of very poor quality. Mine tangled in minutes of wearing. I go through a very long diet angling process every night only for it to revert back to it in minutes of wearing. I want my money back!

  14. Ashley says:

    Your site was very helpful! It was nice seeing the wigs modeled on actual people and you really helped me narrow down my choices!!

  15. maybelle says:

    Thank you for your commonsense information about wearing wigs. I have bookmarked your site.

    I’ve decided to give wigs a try as I would like to zip up my current hair color and style.

  16. Patty says:

    Thank you, thank you! Finally clear and easy advice and suggestions on how to wear wigs. I have been making tons of mistakes and it’s amazing how much I have already learned reading your blog. Like you, I’ve been losing my hair since my twenties and about a year ago I actually saw a pic and realized I was just about bald on the top of my head. It’s so nice to know I am not alone and that I can actually enjoy this wig thing…LOL.

    • Hi Patty, thank you for the compliment! I’m glad I can help, and it is nice to have someone to talk to about wigs. I’m so lucky that my best friend and I are going thru this experience together; that makes it so much more fun. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. –Lori

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