These tutorials are just a suggestion.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking scissors to your wig you really should seek out a professional to cut it for you.  Many a wig have been ruined in less than 5 minutes, and if your wig is expensive and you ruin it, that’s really gonna sting!  The Giselle by Jaclyn Smith that I’m wearing in my wig review is my second Giselle.  Giselle #1 was hacked to death by scissors little by little over a couple of weeks.  Most brick and mortar wig shops offer wig cutting services.  Wigs by Patti’s Pearls.com offers free wig cutting and wig cap sizing on Jon Renau wigs purchased from her website.  Gallery of Wigs.com offers wig cutting services for around $40, plus shipping if you did not buy the wig from them.  If you decide take matters into your own hands, be very very very careful, and good luck!  –Lori


How to Cut Bangs

Wear your wig when you’re cutting the bangs and make sure you have it positioned evenly above your ears, and not too low on your forehead.  Wig heads are not proportioned like a normal face and you want to make sure you don’t cut the bangs too short. 

Step 1 – Comb the desired amount of bangs that you want to cut to the front.

Step 2 – Divide into small 4 sections of hair.

Step 3 – Pinch each section of hair and ….always cut longer than you need because you’re pulling the hair down to cut, and then it springs back up, so if you want bangs to fall along the line of your eyebrow, cut them at the middle of your eyeball -or- ½ inch under your eyebrow.

Step 4 – If you’re using a razor, no sawing, use an up and down motion if it doesn’t cut through all at once.  If you’re using a scissor make sure it’s sharp.

How to Thin a Wig

Step 1 – Separate the hair at the ear. Pull the hair in front of the ears forward and clip if needed.  You’ll just be working with the back of the hair behind the ears.

Step 2 – Lift up the top section of hair three wefts below the crown all around…

Step 3 – and clip it up.

Step 4 – Make sure you are using thinning shears.

Step 5 – Separate the back into 3 or 4 sections.  Take one section at a time and thin on each side of the section, about 3-4 inches down.

Step 5 – Repeat for each section.

Angelique by Jon Renau in 24BT18

Hi everyone, it’s Diana with my review of Angelique by Jon Renau.  Angelique is a long, straight wig with lots of layers.  It has a very well made open wefted cap with extra support.  I found the wig comfortable, light weight and cool.  After having two disasters with open wefted caps this was a nice surprise!  I actually didn’t know the cap was open wefted until Lori mentioned it to me a few weeks ago, and I was shocked.  This a beautiful wig and I love the color, it’s a very realistic blonde, and not ash toned at all.  The hair fiber is very soft and has great movement.  I have nothing bad to say about this wig and would definitely recommend it for a cool summer wig.

Carrie by Noriko in Copper Glaze R

Beautiful Carrie!  Here she is in Copper Glaze.  Still perfect in every way!

For full review go to Carrie by Noriko in Moccachino.

Angelica by Noriko in Copper Glaze R

Hi, it’s Diana with a wig review of Angelica by Noriko.  Angelica is a very long, layered style with a longer layered side bang.  I had to cut about 3-4 inches off the end to make it more manageable for me, so the length you see in my pictures is a few inches shorter.  The hair fiber is outstanding!  It’s very soft, smooth, not too heavy, and it has great movement.  Copper Glaze R is a beautiful color and it’s rooted so the permatease is not noticeable, although Noriko permatease is so nice that I think it would look just fine if it wasn’t rooted.  Angelica is a beautiful, well made wig that I would have no problem recommending to anyone looking for a long hair style.

Light to Medium Reddish Browns

Light Brown Wig Colors

#1. Felicity in Maple Sugar-ROP, #2. Jessica in FS26/31-JR, #3. Carrie in Moccachino R-Noriko, #4. Hilary 24BT18-H Margu

 Picture #1: The first three wigs are reddish-brown and the last wig is ash blond with gold blond tips for comparison. Maple Sugar and Moccachino are very similar overall, meaning that if I had to rate them in terms of light to dark I would give them both a 5 on a scale of 1-10.  The brown in Maple Sugar is a light reddish-brown with blonde/strawberry highlights.  The brown in Moccachino is leaning towards more of a pecan/ash brown with gold blonde highlights (it looks darker in this pic).  FS26/31 is just a little darker, richer reddish brown with a richer, brighter red tone and lots of blonde highlights. It’s just a bit too dark/bright for me.  I apologize for the picture quality, the highlights are not really visible here.  I will try to put up a better picture soon.

Felicity in MapleSugar-ROP, Carrie in Moccachino-Noriko, Jade in Vanilla Bean-ROP

Felicity in MapleSugar-ROP, Carrie in Moccachino-Noriko, Jade in Vanilla Bean-ROP

Picture 2:  The problem with colors is that they appear different in different types of light. When you are indoors with the lights on your color will look darker except for the parts that reflect the light, and those parts change as you move your head or move around the room. In direct sunlight more of the hairs are reflecting light so your hair looks brighter and lighter overall. The first time my sister saw Carrie in Moccachino-R was in bright overhead sunlight and she said it looked blonde, more like my natural color. The next time I saw her she thought Carrie was a different light brown wig, darker than my usual color. We were in bright sunlight but this time the sun wasn’t directly overhead, it was just about to go down behind the mountains. So, when you see colors looking different in pictures, know that your wig will look like each of those different colors at one time or another depending on the lighting. (I’m not talking about the small online color squares, I don’t know what the problem is with those things, they’re completely useless!)  This picture was taken indoors in bright light with no flash.