Felicity by Rene of Paris in Maple Sugar

Felicity is a wig that Diana and I both got in the same beautiful color.  She loves this wig.  I have problems with it.  The top seems box-y to me, it doesn’t look like it in my pictures because the way I style it only lasts 5 minutes and then does what it wants.  I brush the top and bangs back and try to get a nice swoop, but the hair wants to fall forward.  My head is slightly smaller than Diana’s and we think that’s why I get the box-y effect.  Plus, it seems like she cooperates with the wig and lets it go the way it wants, whereas I fight with it and try to make it go another way.  As you can see, I cut mine because long straight hair irritates me.  I think the hair fiber is a bit coarse and it tangles in the back.  Diana said her permatease is perfect and I think that mine could be a little better.


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