Jade by Rene of Paris in Creamy Toffee and Vanilla Bean

Jade is the first wig color I picked out online that I was very happy with.  I felt like I had made a major accomplishment!  Jade is a permatease synthetic wig with a traditional cap.  I found the hair fiber at the bottom of the wig somewhat coarse and it tangled a lot and eventually got frizzy as you can see in the back view above (the two pics with the blue shirt were taken today).  The hairs coming out of the part did not want to swoop back, but it wasn’t so bad because the side bangs are feathered.  Apparently, I liked it enough because I ordered another in Spring Honey, which is composed of almost the same colors as Vanilla Bean, but distributed differently.  Vanilla Bean is lightest at the crown, a little darker on the bangs and darkest on the bottom/back.

Well, when I received the new Jade, she was so much lighter and brighter than Jade#1 that I couldn’t wear it because it made my face look pink!  Anyway, I gave it to my friend, Diana and she loves it.  Every time we talked about her Jade I couldn’t help mentioning that the Spring Honey looked exactly like Creamy Toffee in all the online pictures.  I finally made her go look at it (the tag on the inside of the cap has the name and color), and guess what?  It was Creamy Toffee!  I could have returned it for free!!!  It’s one of Diana’s favorites though, so I’m not that upset about it.

Jade #2 is shorter, has silkier, finer hair fibers than Jade #1, doesn’t tangle as much and has a better permatease.  Overall, not a bad wig if you’re ok with permatease; remember, the rooted colors camouflage the permatease better.


One thought on “Jade by Rene of Paris in Creamy Toffee and Vanilla Bean

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m looking for a Noriko wig that looks like Sky, but comes in rooted colors. Any ideas what it could be?

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