Michelle by Alan Thomas in 27A/613T

Michelle is a very pretty style which looks nothing like the official model picture, and I’m glad that it doesn’t because the model pic looks like an 80’s style hairdo.  I can’t remember if I cut any length off, I don’t think I did, but I could be wrong.  This particular color is very shiny compared to similar priced wigs, but that could be because it’s mostly 613 and it makes the wig look silver-gray.  I thought it would be mostly 27 with 613 mixed in or highlighted but it’s totally opposite.  I believe this wig is discontinued now.  I have her packed up for a later time when I’m more comfortable having gray hair…maybe when I’m a grandma I’ll be ready??


4 thoughts on “Michelle by Alan Thomas in 27A/613T

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m desparately trying to find a repaceemnt for my ageing wig which is like the one modelled (coincidently) by Michelle in June 2012. It is an Alan Thomas 27A/613CP (or CR).
    Can you help me by letting me know where I can purchase it?

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