Scorpio by Revlon in Creme Brulee and 223R

Scorpio is a great wig!  It has a great cut, great movement, minimum permatease and the hair is silky.  It’s a flip and go style, you put it on, flip your head over, and go right out the door!  The C3 Collection capless construction is amazing.  I hadthis wig for a couple of days (returned because of color, I look hideous here and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep those pics up, need to find better pics) and I had absolutely no idea that it was capless!!  Here’s the secret, instead of leaving the whole crown open they cover part of the crown in a light lace material so it’s still breathable but it gives some structure to the wefts that are left open.  The extra lace piece is in a rounded T shape which goes in a half-moon around the back of the crown with a one inch section of lace coming forward towards the hairline.

Ok, lets talk about the color problem that I had with Scorpio.  Before I ordered I called customer service to discuss colors.  The person I talked to said that Creme Brulee was not as light as it appeared in the picture, so I ordered it in that color.  The color was just as light and bright as in the picture!  Since this was a more expensive wig I decided to return it for a better color.  So, I called customer service again to discuss a new color.  I told her that Creme Brulee was way too light and I needed a darker blonde.  I was asking her about 234/23C and 223/23C.  She said that the #23 added to those colors would lighten the color considerably, so I would need to go with 234R or 223R.  We discussed more colors and finally settled on 223R which was supposed to be a dark blonde.  As you can see in the picture, it’s not at all dark blonde!  Actually, when I later found a more detailed Revlon color chart, I saw that 223R is lighter than Creme Brulee, so you can’t always trust what they tell you.  I sent back the 223R, this time because the wig was defective.  (It was cut crooked, you could see the cap at the hairline and the back weft lines were showing thru.)


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