Carrie by Noriko in Moccachino-R

April 23, 2012, the day Carrie arrived!  I want to remember this date forever so we (me, Carrie #1, and all of my future Carries) can all celebrate her anniversary as my very first up front and center girl…just perfect in every way!

The hair fibers are soooooo silky and they tangle way less than any other wig I have ever had.  The permatease is outstanding!  The style is wonderful!  I love the color! The bangs swoop back perfectly and the hair coming out of the part is not hell-bent on going in a forward direction!  It’s a perfect amount of hair and it’s layered beautifully and it’s not exactly curled but it has large wavy flips at the ends.  I really can’t think of one negative thing to say about Carrie!  And here’s the shocking thing about it…

shhhhh, I don’t want Carrie to hear, but I can’t believe I’m saying all this about a permatease wig…after I had just vowed never to buy permatease again!

So, anyway I was looking at the inside of Carrie’s cap and, I don’t know what compelled me, but I compared it to My $200 Wig and they were identical!  I was so excited!!!  After researching online I discovered, at Cynthia’s wig review site – One Hundred Percent Real on Vimeo, that her name is Vi and she is also discontinued.  I am now on a mission to find the real color of Vi since she is the perfect color for me.  I’m wearing Vi in my profile pic, but the color looks nothing like it does in person.


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