Giselle by Jaclyn Smith in Wildflower Honey

I love Jaclyn’s Wildflower Honey, it’s such a beautiful blend of colors.  I call it golden blonde but it’s a mix of light golden brown with dark gold blonde and medium gold blonde highlights.  She’s a longer wavy style wig with a swooped back longer side bang.  Giselle has a 1 1/4 inch wide lace front and a permatease top which is outstanding. The lace front looks so natural, although up close you can see the knots in the lace where each strand is tied.  It’s not noticeable from a foot or two away, but you will see them when you look up close in the mirror.  It doesn’t bother me because most people just don’t make it a habit to scrutinize another person’s hairline or part.  This is a very comfortable pretty wig and I just love this style, it’s one of my favorites and it makes me feel so glamorous!


2 thoughts on “Giselle by Jaclyn Smith in Wildflower Honey

  1. Jackie says:

    I need a price for the wig, Giselle by Jacqueline Smith in Wildflower Honey

  2. Sissy Z says:

    I am new to wigs and have purchased 3 and I hate them. Absolutely embarrassed by them and won’t go into the store in my town in them. Can you tell me which color or Raquel Welch this color is close to, please? I am a natural curly blonde and I have had terrible results buying these wigs online, trying to match my hair color, but this one looks so close to it…
    Thanks for any help you are able to provide..

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