Kris by Jaclyn Smith in Auburn Sugar and Coffee Latte

Kris doesn’t come in Wildflower Honey, so I tried the Coffee Latte instead, and Diana tried the Auburn Sugar.  Coffee Latte (B12/28) is a nice color, it is blended so there are no bold highlights, and it is in the dark blonde/light brown category.  Auburn Sugar (B33/24) is dark auburn blended with blonde.

Kris is a permatease with a traditional wefted cap which is comfortable.  The hair fiber is smooth, but it tangles a bit.  The bangs come trimmed, just like in the picture.  Since my color (Coffee Latte) isn’t rooted I can see the permatease at the part.  It’s a nice wig, casual, not fancy, I would wear it for running errands but not to work, it’s not really my style.  It’s actually now one of my cooking wigs because I singed it opening the oven, (I still say that it came that way but I can’t be 100% sure about that).


One thought on “Kris by Jaclyn Smith in Auburn Sugar and Coffee Latte

  1. Mary Biros says:

    I wish there where more wigs in the Auburn Sugar color. They are either too long, too short or too curly. I loved Vivian and wore that style for years. I have a long face and can’t wear anything shorter than 7 inches on the side. If I buy long and cut them they don’t look good.

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