How to Cut Bangs

Wear your wig when you’re cutting the bangs and make sure you have it positioned evenly above your ears, and not too low on your forehead.  Wig heads are not proportioned like a normal face and you want to make sure you don’t cut the bangs too short. 

Step 1 – Comb the desired amount of bangs that you want to cut to the front.

Step 2 – Divide into small 4 sections of hair.

Step 3 – Pinch each section of hair and ….always cut longer than you need because you’re pulling the hair down to cut, and then it springs back up, so if you want bangs to fall along the line of your eyebrow, cut them at the middle of your eyeball -or- ½ inch under your eyebrow.

Step 4 – If you’re using a razor, no sawing, use an up and down motion if it doesn’t cut through all at once.  If you’re using a scissor make sure it’s sharp.


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