How to Thin a Wig

Step 1 – Separate the hair at the ear. Pull the hair in front of the ears forward and clip if needed.  You’ll just be working with the back of the hair behind the ears.

Step 2 – Lift up the top section of hair three wefts below the crown all around…

Step 3 – and clip it up.

Step 4 – Make sure you are using thinning shears.

Step 5 – Separate the back into 3 or 4 sections.  Take one section at a time and thin on each side of the section, about 3-4 inches down.

Step 5 – Repeat for each section.


2 thoughts on “How to Thin a Wig

  1. Bev says:

    I could use some tips on how to keep a wig in place. I have thin hair and sent away for some toupee clips. The problem is they sent me a pkg of silver clips and they shine thru the wig when I have it on!! Go figure! Also, I’ve been trying to use a wig cap but it seems to slip back in the front. My small pony tail helps it not to slip up in the back. The cap also contributes to my head getting too hot. This wig thing is a struggle but I work every day and can’t stand to ruin a nice outfit with thin, ugly hair. I might also add my funds are limited and I’m wondering if you ever review any Paula Young wigs. Thanks for all your help!

    • Hi Bev, click this link to see a comb that can be sewn into the wig cap and won’t shine thru. I’m having a hard time finding these combs for sale anywhere–they’re all metal clips, but they do have colors other than silver available. Do you have any old hair accessories that have this type of comb? Or maybe you can find some hair accessories at the dollar store, cut the combs out and sew them into your wig. If I find a place to buy them from I will let you know.

      Diana does not wear a wig cap either. She sprays and teases the hair up front or wherever she wants to attach the comb. When your hair is fine it’s smooth as satin, so you need something for the comb/clip to hold on to! If her wig does not have a comb she puts the wig on and adjusts it, then lifts up a piece/section of hair and bobby pins it thru the wefts to her own hair which is in a ponytail to secure the wig at the back. She uses several bobby pins all over until it feels secure.

      When she wears a lace front wig she uses Jon Renau’s It Stays Body Adhesive which can be found at International Wig. I have never used an “adhesive” and I imagine it to be like super glue or fingernail glue, but it’s not. It’s a roll-on, it comes off easily, just run your fingernail under the lace and it comes right off, and the glue washes off with warm water. She says it’s amazing how a little bit of glue gives her so much confidence and the feeling that the wig is part of her, it’s attached and not coming off!

      I wear a wig cap. It’s the mesh (like fishnet stockings) that is open at the top and has a 1/4 inch elastic to secure it around the head. I have to wear a wig if I’m going out of the house, so pretty much everyday–this may seem gross or weird to you but–after a while the elastic band made an indentation or groove all the way around my head. (If I don’t wear it everyday it will go away after a week or two.) So I just put on my mesh cap and then the wig and I don’t have any problems with slipping and sliding–I have an average head so I never use the adjustable tabs. Now, if I was out in 50 mile an hour winds I would definitely be holding on to my hair, or if I got in a catfight I’m sure the wig would come off, but I’m pretty easy going and not planning on a catfight anytime soon. LoL

      Hope this helps! Lori

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