Angie by Envy in Dark Blonde B

Angie by Envy in Dark Blonde B is a wig that Diana bought secretly without her husband knowing about it.  When it arrived it did not look at all like the picture–it was all flat in the back, so she threw it in the back corner of her closet thinking that’s what she gets for being sneaky!  So then months later when she finally confessed and told me what she had done I said you have to use that goop in the short container that came with the set of BeautiMark styling products we both have (from  So ya, BFF to the rescue even though she didn’t deserve it!  I can see lying to your husband…but withholding information from your BFF is unforgivable!!!  Just kidding, we’ve been friends for 25 years and we made it this far so we’ll be friends till the end!

Anyway, back to business, Angie is a very cute, light and airy summer wig and the color is just beautiful.  It’s dark gold blonde, not ashy, with light gold highlights around the top and bangs and it’s darker at the tips.  She has a hand tied monofilament top and lace front.


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