Leni by Vivica Fox in P2216

Leni by Vivica Fox in P2216 has a total stretch cap and is 100% handmade with Futura hair fiber.  There is a small skin part that’s barely visible.  She is very light and airy, has good movement, is soft and silky and does not tangle at all.  This is a great summer wig!  P2216 is, um…is a more saturated color??  I’m having a hard time describing it.  It’s a dark caramel base with yellow/apricot highlights and it’s not shiny.  The tone doesn’t quite go with my pink/white skin.  It looks better on Diana because her skin is slightly olive.  Overall it’s a nice wig for the price.


One thought on “Leni by Vivica Fox in P2216

  1. […] base with light and medium auburn highlights.  Color P2216 is a very confusing color for me.  Leni’s P2216 has two colors:  caramel and apricot.  Joanna’s P2216 has four colors:  medium brown, […]

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