Joanna by Vivica Fox in P2217

Joanna by Vivica Fox in P2217 is a beautiful shoulder length curly style wig with a full head of hair.  She comes out of the box with her hair clipped up in the back.  She has a traditional wefted cap with a two-inch deep hand-stitched lace front and curling iron safe Futura hair fiber.  The hair fiber doesn’t seem that silky to me but that’s probably because of the curls and the heat safe fiber; she is not shiny at all and has good movement.  Joanna came with lace that extended a couple of inches past the hairline and I cut it all the way back to the edge because the beige lace was too noticeable on my white skin, and it’s still too noticeable for me so I have never worn this wig out of the house.  The P2216 in this wig is different from Leni’s P2216 (because I just found out it’s not P2216, it’s P2217 even though I ordered P2216 and the box says P2216).  It’s medium brown and caramel with blond and apricot highlights and the color looks a little better on me than Leni’s caramel and apricot color.  Joanna is a very well made, wonderful wig for the price.


2 thoughts on “Joanna by Vivica Fox in P2217

  1. Lynnette says:

    Hi are you interested in selling it?

  2. […] is a very confusing color for me.  Leni’s P2216 has two colors:  caramel and apricot.  Joanna’s P2216 has four colors:  medium brown, caramel, apricot and blonde (which I thought was a mistake […]

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