Camera Ready by Raquel in RS29 and RL32/31

Camera Ready by Raquel is a beautiful wig and does not look like the model pictures which is a good thing!  She is similar to Gisele by Jon Renau but she has more curls, and her hair fiber is soft and silky like Gisele!!!  That’s a plus for us!  The cap has a mono part and lace front, although I don’t know why they use two words to differentiate the part and front when it is clearly one piece of material with no seam.  No wonder it’s confusing…the wig companies can’t even decide which terms to use!  If you look at the list prices Camera Ready is about $70 cheaper than Gisele.  Diana and I have decided that we like the mono part/lace front better than the mono top/lace front for a few reasons:  the price can be up to $100 cheaper; there’s no visible seam between the mono part and lace front; and we really don’t need to change the part around.  The colors are beautiful too.  RS29+ is an even blend of highlights which are dark gold blonde, strawberry, light blonde and light golden brown; I believe the plus means that there are several colors in it.  RS32/31 is dark auburn with bright auburn highlights–it’s exactly the same as ROP’s Chestnut.  We have nothing bad to say about this wig and would recommend it in a heartbeat!  Camera Ready and Gisele are fighting over the prestigious up front and center position in Diana’s collection, and since it’s two against one…I think Gisele may be losing her spot!

If you would like to see a more accurate depiction of these colors go to Shades of Raquel.


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