Imani-Brie by Vivica Fox in P4/27/30 and P2216

Imani by Vivica Fox (formerly Brie by Ebony) is a beautiful long, full wig that is layered and flipped up at the ends.  She has a middle skin part with a traditional wefted cap, she’s smooth and silky, does not tangle and is not too shiny.  She reminds me of Glow Girl by Forever Young and the FY’s Espresso is very similar to Imani’s P2216.  The quality of Vivica Fox’s wigs are definitely right in line with Forever Young wigs.  Color P4/27/30 is a medium dark brown base with light and medium auburn highlights.  Color P2216 is a very confusing color for me.  Leni’s P2216 has two colors:  caramel and apricot.  Joanna’s P2216 has four colors:  medium brown, caramel, apricot and blonde (which I thought was a mistake because Juliette’s P2217 has the same four colors).  Now, Imani’s P2216 has the blonde/apricot color on top with medium reddish-brown tips.  Maybe it’s because Vivica has created her own line plus she has taken over wigs from other lines like Ebony and Beverly Johnson.


2 thoughts on “Imani-Brie by Vivica Fox in P4/27/30 and P2216

  1. Bonnie says:

    This wig is so pretty and looks beautiful on you! This style looks just like my natural hair, well, when I still had it. lol I think i may order it from where its around $34. Plus they allow returns, just in case:) Anywho, I have a couple of questions about this wig, if you don’t mind….
    Did you trim the bangs on these? they look great, and exactly how I need them, but these seem much shorter than the video.

    One more question- I usually fluff my bangs up just a bit, giving a little needed height to my roundish face. Can this be done with this wig or does it have a tendency to just lay flat against the forehead?

    Thank you so much for your blog! Your honest opinions are an enjoyable read and has been such a great help to me :)) All of your hard work is much appreciated! oh and im a lurker on WigSupport, I’ve learned tons, but haven’t had the nerve to post just yet lol -Bonnie

    • Hi Bonnie, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to your comment right away, I have been on vacation, I hope I’m not too late in getting back to you.

      Anyway, the bangs have not been cut in those review pictures, BTW that is my friend Diana in those pics, she helps me out a lot. And about the bangs being fluffed…I don’t think that’s possible with that particular hair fiber, and the skin part makes the top impossible to fluff. You could maybe try thinning the bangs so they’re not so heavy and then spraying/training, spraying/training, etc. them to lift up a little at the hairline. I would try spraying them with Hair u Wear Curl Up Spray and setting with a large smooth roller overnight. Hope this helps. Thanks for visiting! –Lori

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