Welcome to Wig Talk with Lori and Diana

Hi, I’m Lori, and I pretty much write most of the reviews with input from Diana.  We’ve been friends for something like 27 years.  Anyway, Diana helps me out a lot with the wig pictures and the reviews, mostly because we love wigging and we love doing it together, but also because she has more wigs than I do.  She also has a lot of styling and wig tips–she did the tutorials on how to cut bangs and how to thin a wig–and hopefully more tips will be coming soon!  Diana likes to style, trim and fix wigs and I think she’s very talented–you’ll notice, when we both have the same wig, hers always looks way better than mine.  I like to buy a wig and wear the wig, period, with minimal styling and maintenance.

Diana’s husband is the great photographer with the good camera–thanks Marc for all the great pics!  I take my own pictures with my Blackberry Bold…in the mirror…so they’re not as good.

Please click the menu items on the right to navigate around this site. 

Thanks for visiting!  

~~Lori and Diana


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