Gisele by Jon Renau in 24BT18

Giselle by Jon Renau is perfection!  She has a mono top/lace front cap which makes this wig look natural and very realistic.  The hair fiber is soft and silky, light weight, has exceptional natural movement and the part can be moved easily.  I love everything about Giselle.  She’s my new up front and center girl and I can’t wait to get her in more colors!



These tutorials are just a suggestion.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking scissors to your wig you really should seek out a professional to cut it for you.  Many a wig have been ruined in less than 5 minutes, and if your wig is expensive and you ruin it, that’s really gonna sting!  The Giselle by Jaclyn Smith that I’m wearing in my wig review is my second Giselle.  Giselle #1 was hacked to death by scissors little by little over a couple of weeks.  Most brick and mortar wig shops offer wig cutting services.  Wigs by Patti’s offers free wig cutting and wig cap sizing on Jon Renau wigs purchased from her website.  Gallery of offers wig cutting services for around $40, plus shipping if you did not buy the wig from them.  If you decide take matters into your own hands, be very very very careful, and good luck!  –Lori

Welcome to Wig Talk with Lori and Diana

Hi, I’m Lori, and I pretty much write most of the reviews with input from Diana.  We’ve been friends for something like 27 years.  Anyway, Diana helps me out a lot with the wig pictures and the reviews, mostly because we love wigging and we love doing it together, but also because she has more wigs than I do.  She also has a lot of styling and wig tips–she did the tutorials on how to cut bangs and how to thin a wig–and hopefully more tips will be coming soon!  Diana likes to style, trim and fix wigs and I think she’s very talented–you’ll notice, when we both have the same wig, hers always looks way better than mine.  I like to buy a wig and wear the wig, period, with minimal styling and maintenance.

Diana’s husband is the great photographer with the good camera–thanks Marc for all the great pics!  I take my own pictures with my Blackberry Bold…in the mirror…so they’re not as good.

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Thanks for visiting!  

~~Lori and Diana

Javvy by Isis in #4 Lace Front Human Hair Blend

Javvy by Isis in color #4 is a 16 inch long lace front blend of Kanekalon and Toyokalon fiber.  This hair fiber is definitely not heat resistant.  There are combs in the front and back as well as adjustable straps and a 1 inch wide ear to ear brown lace front.  Javvy can be worn with or without glue or tape.  Javvy is a cute and versatile medium length wig.

Amenda by Soul Tress in Color #1010

Amenda by Soul Tress in Color #1010 is a long straight wig with a traditional wefted cap–no permatease, and side skin part which has a small zig-zag that cannot be combed out, however, the “skin” color is not visible.  The hair fiber feels more like Kanekalon fiber and after I trimmed the length it seemed to tangle more and become frizzy in the back.  It’s not smooth like Vivica’s Futura fiber and it’s also a bit shiny.  The color is beautiful though, it’s light golden brown with dark gold blond and light blond highlights.

I believe the second picture showing the back of the wig is the original length and all other pics are after it was trimmed.

Glow Girl by Forever Young in I Heart Espresso and 24B/27C

Glow Girl by Forever Young in I Heart Espresso has a white skin, side part with a traditional cap.  A skin part is where the hair at the part is machine sewn into a 3 inch long oval piece of plastic which is inserted into the cap and covered with lace on the inside.  Forever Young wigs have a light color plastic for white girls; African-American wigs are made the same but the plastic is usually dark to match skin color.

Forever Young wigs are not expensive and most of their colors look natural.  Diana’s color, I Heart Espresso, is beautiful, very natural and not too shiny at all.

I purchased Glow Girl in 24B/27C and it is a light butterscotch blonde (24B) at the tips with strawberry (27C) and butterscotch (24B) blended together in the top 3/4’s of the wig.  In my opinion this color is shiny and not very natural looking.  The Forever Young hair fiber is not Kanekalon–it seems very similar to African-American wig hair fiber, which is a little smoother, shinier, hotter and heavier than Kanekalon fiber…but it does not tangle easily.

Forever Young wigs are well made, with fashion forward styles and well worth the money for a skin part wig.  Here’s another Forever Young wig–British Candy.

British Candy by Forever Young in RS29

British Candy by Forever Young has a side, white skin part and traditional cap, which has no permatease and is very comfortable.  The hair is very smooth and doesn’t tangle easily, but the lighter colors tend to be more shiny and the darker colors are more realistic.  The Forever Young line, in my opinion, is one of the best skin top wig lines, they feature young, modern hairstyles and are very affordable.  Here’s another wig by Forever Young–Glow Girl.

Mandy by Sepia Human Hair Blend in H27/4/30

Mandy by Sepia Human Hair Blend in H27/4/30 is a medium-long straight style with a wave and longer bangs that can be swept to the side or cut shorter. Her hair fiber is nice, does not tangle easily and is heat-resistant at a low setting.  Her cap is traditional with a white skin, middle part, and has no permatease.  This is one of their better quality wigs.