Glow Girl by Forever Young in I Heart Espresso and 24B/27C

Glow Girl by Forever Young in I Heart Espresso has a white skin, side part with a traditional cap.  A skin part is where the hair at the part is machine sewn into a 3 inch long oval piece of plastic which is inserted into the cap and covered with lace on the inside.  Forever Young wigs have a light color plastic for white girls; African-American wigs are made the same but the plastic is usually dark to match skin color.

Forever Young wigs are not expensive and most of their colors look natural.  Diana’s color, I Heart Espresso, is beautiful, very natural and not too shiny at all.

I purchased Glow Girl in 24B/27C and it is a light butterscotch blonde (24B) at the tips with strawberry (27C) and butterscotch (24B) blended together in the top 3/4’s of the wig.  In my opinion this color is shiny and not very natural looking.  The Forever Young hair fiber is not Kanekalon–it seems very similar to African-American wig hair fiber, which is a little smoother, shinier, hotter and heavier than Kanekalon fiber…but it does not tangle easily.

Forever Young wigs are well made, with fashion forward styles and well worth the money for a skin part wig.  Here’s another Forever Young wig–British Candy.


British Candy by Forever Young in RS29

British Candy by Forever Young has a side, white skin part and traditional cap, which has no permatease and is very comfortable.  The hair is very smooth and doesn’t tangle easily, but the lighter colors tend to be more shiny and the darker colors are more realistic.  The Forever Young line, in my opinion, is one of the best skin top wig lines, they feature young, modern hairstyles and are very affordable.  Here’s another wig by Forever Young–Glow Girl.