Giselle by Jaclyn Smith in Wildflower Honey

I love Jaclyn’s Wildflower Honey, it’s such a beautiful blend of colors.  I call it golden blonde but it’s a mix of light golden brown with dark gold blonde and medium gold blonde highlights.  She’s a longer wavy style wig with a swooped back longer side bang.  Giselle has a 1 1/4 inch wide lace front and a permatease top which is outstanding. The lace front looks so natural, although up close you can see the knots in the lace where each strand is tied.  It’s not noticeable from a foot or two away, but you will see them when you look up close in the mirror.  It doesn’t bother me because most people just don’t make it a habit to scrutinize another person’s hairline or part.  This is a very comfortable pretty wig and I just love this style, it’s one of my favorites and it makes me feel so glamorous!


Bridgette by Jaclyn Smith in Wildflower Honey

Bridgette by Jaclyn Smith is a long straight wig with side bangs in Wildflower Honey (12/23HS8 – light gold brown/gold blonde with dark roots).  This wig is lighter than any other Wildflower Honey we’ve purchased.  Instead of chunky highlights the colors are more blended and/or there’s more 23 in it than 12.  I have four Wildflower Honey wigs and the highlighting is a little different on each one, but Bridgette is the lightest of all.  Bridgette has a traditional cap, great permatease and is not a layered cut.  Jaclyn’s wigs shed more than usual and tangle in the back, but overall Bridgette is a good wig and a good deal for the money.

Kris by Jaclyn Smith in Auburn Sugar and Coffee Latte

Kris doesn’t come in Wildflower Honey, so I tried the Coffee Latte instead, and Diana tried the Auburn Sugar.  Coffee Latte (B12/28) is a nice color, it is blended so there are no bold highlights, and it is in the dark blonde/light brown category.  Auburn Sugar (B33/24) is dark auburn blended with blonde.

Kris is a permatease with a traditional wefted cap which is comfortable.  The hair fiber is smooth, but it tangles a bit.  The bangs come trimmed, just like in the picture.  Since my color (Coffee Latte) isn’t rooted I can see the permatease at the part.  It’s a nice wig, casual, not fancy, I would wear it for running errands but not to work, it’s not really my style.  It’s actually now one of my cooking wigs because I singed it opening the oven, (I still say that it came that way but I can’t be 100% sure about that).

Debra by Jaclyn Smith in Wildflower Honey

Debra by Jaclyn Smith is a longer, straighter style with side bangs.  She has a  mono lace front and part which looks very natural and the cap is very comfortable and light.  The hair is soft and silky, it tangles at the collar and after having it in my regular rotation for a few months the ends are frizzy.  The wig sheds a lot, but not enough to worry that it will be see-thru in a few months.  I have six of Jaclyn Smith’s wigs and they all shed more than any other wig line I’ve tried, but her wigs are very affordable and I do feel that I’m getting a fair deal.  I just wish she would come out with some new styles, I don’t really like the curl pattern in the bangs…by now you must know that I like the hair to swoop back from the face and many of her styles curl forward.  Overall, a good wig for the price.