Hunter by Rene of Paris in Strawberry Swirl

Hunter is a hot mess!!  She is discontinued and I got her on clearance for about $70 and I think that’s still way more than it’s worth!  I was on a new website and I had a memory lapse or something, and I thought that I was getting Kendall which has a mono top but is also being discontinued, so I got all excited and ordered it right away instead of discussing it with my partner.  So, that’s what I get for being in a hurry!  I wore it for barely one hour in the house.  Diana and I have a rule that we don’t buy a wig on the spur of the moment; we view the wig at different wig stores and discuss the wig and the colors first.  However, in my defense, I have been looking at Kendall for a long time…I think what screwed me up is that they both sound like boy names to me…oh well, you live, you learn!

So, back to Hunter.  She has an open wefted cap, the hair on the crown comes out forward, towards your face and if you try to comb it back the wefts open up, and the hair on top is a little sparse.  I do not like the curl pattern in the front of the wig and the back of the wig has a see-thru spot on top.  Strawberry Swirl is a pretty color but the hair fiber is very shiny.  I can’t think of one good thing to say about this wig.  Do not buy it!  If you want to try it that bad I’ll give you mine for the price of postage.


Becky by Estetica

Becky is a wig that should have been discontinued a long time ago!  It seems like Estetica has already updated this wig, her name is Felicity and she has a mono top.  Becky is a very 80’s style with about 1-2 inches of thick, spongy permatease.  This wig has never been worn out of the house!  It’s a pretty blonde color though…I’ll have to find out what color it is and update the post tomorrow.

Wild Angie by Nirvana

LMAO!!!!  The first pic is hilarious…I think I laughed at Diana for five minutes before we were able to discuss Angie.  She didn’t want me to put this pic up because she has no makeup on — so I painted makeup on her face.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Angie is by Nirvana and the darker color is 33H130, the blonde is 24H613.